Gloom Walkers

  • Coruscant
  • Incoming Transmission
    The dark lords of the administration staff have a message for you. Read it or die.
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  • New Recruit
    Introduce yourself and meet your fellow soldiers. Now get back to your post TK-421!
    3 discussions 30 commentsMost recent: Hornblower Reporting for Duty! by Lord_CazdenFebruary 11
  • Tatooine
  • The Cantina
    Come in, have a drink, and talk about anything. No droids allowed.
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  • Toshi Station
    Have any cool projects or hobbies? All the supplies you need are here, except power converters.
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  • Nar Shaddaa
  • Dejarik Table
    Relax with a game of Dejarik or just discuss some video games. Always let the wookiee win.
    1 discussion 11 commentsMost recent: Opinions on DICE's Battlefront by chipFebruary 10
  • Information Broker
    Share and exchange intelligence with a network of intergalactic spies. Just don't kill too many Bothans .
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  • Jakku
  • Scavenger
    Write a review on your latest finds. Is it a piece of junk or can it make point five after lightspeed?
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  • Resistance Base
    Get some buddies to fight the First Order or party hardy. Yub Nub!
    2 discussions 5 commentsMost recent: Time Zones by HornblowerFebruary 11